Chiropractors dress for successChiropractors: Dress for Success, Not Personal Comfort

Chiropractic has the enormous potential to take over the world; it has the vision and ambition to touch every single person’s life. But in a world of billion-dollar drug company commercials, sterile hospital ads, and insurance companies telling you to put your family’s health in the hands of their friendly, cutting-edge, and trusted white-coat wearing doctors, who do you think the general public is going to gravitate towards in time of need?

Most chiropractors object the notion of dressing the part, saying that they don’t want to be told how to dress, nor do they want to lose their identity. Notice that those two objections deal directly with what the chiropractor WANTS, and not necessarily what NEEDS to be done to save the chiropractic image.

From the now 4,800 potential chiropractic patients we have surveyed in our focus group studies, 93% stress the importance of their chiropractor “looking” the part of a doctor; “looking professional”, “looking capable”, “looking valuable” and “looking trustworthy”; in other words, IMAGE is the most important subconscious barrier to your profession’s acceptance and success in the eyes of the patient.

Knowing this vital piece of information, how can you go back on the oath you took in chiropractic school and choose to purposely and irresponsibly ignore your image as it relates to your profession’s success? How can you go to work wearing flip flops and cargo shorts? Jeans and a t-shirt? Sweat pants and Lulu Lemon workout shirts?

For potential chiropractic patients to respect the chiropractic profession, trust you as their chiropractor, and value your skills and opinions as a chiropractor, your image has to be congruent with your purpose. You have to INVEST in your image from an abundance perspective, for people to value you, trust you, respect you, and count on you.

Remember, chiropractic is bigger than your ego. Change for for the better and change the world.

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