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In today’s image-conscious and brand savvy world, the typical $49 cookie-cutter, cluttered, and carelessly-crafted chiropractic websites, crowd-sourced brands, and bottom-of-the-barrel marketing techniques, further diminishes the profession’s authority, credibility, value, and trust in the eyes of the other 95%.

MyChiroPractice was created in 2010 by designers, patients, and chiropractic advocates Ardavan and Kevin Javid, as well as Dr. Nona Djavid, DC, to provide chiropractors with 100% custom, quality, research-based, and highly-effective branding, logos, websites, and marketing strategies to help them build trust, value, and authority, an in-turn, attract quality new patients.

Chiropractic Branding and Logo Design
Dr Kyle Fogel, Chiropractor

Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

Our profession isn’t going to improve with cheap logos and cookie-cutter websites. We need to step up and invest in our image. I couldn’t be happier with MyChiroPractice delivering on their promise, and giving me the tools to grow my practice.

Dr. Kyle Fogel

How Can We Help You Elevate Your Image and Attract More Quality Patients?

    My Story

    In 2008, I was suffering with back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, and allergies. To top it off, I started suffering with heart palpitations and high blood pressure. At age 36, it was depressing to know everything was going downhill.

    One day while working on a Fortune500 client’s logo, I started to feel my back and neck pain intensify even more. I left work early that day, went home and popped a few Advil hoping for a better tomorrow. One sick day turned into a few, and before I knew it, I was back at my MD’s office begging for more meds. He obliged and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.

    A week later, I was sitting at the surgeon’s office at a pre-op appointment, discussing the details of my back surgery. Three hours before my checkin time at the hospital, I chickened out, and canceled my surgery – much to the disappointment of the hospital and doctor.

    Immediately afterwards – just like millions of other people – I jumped online and typed “Back Pain Relief” in Google. Then I tried “Back Surgery Alternative”. Throughout my two hour research, I ran into dozens of chiropractic websites. But NONE of them gave me the reassurance that they could help me. It wasn’t what was written on the pages, it was the overall look and feel of the websites that didn’t portray trust, value, or authority.

    Right as I was about to give up, I found a website for a chiropractor who seemed to have cared and invested in her brand, her website, and in her image. Her website immediately put me at ease. I spent ten or twelve minutes reading about her services, her technique, and was confident she was the hope I was looking for.

    Three months later, I got my health and vitality back, and I made it my mission to help chiropractors elevate their image – so that those of us looking for hope, can actually find it. You see, when people are in pain, they’re not looking for a $19 deal. They’re looking for the REAL deal… they’re looking for hope.

    Quality brands attract quality patients. I know that first hand.

    Ardavan Javid

    Meet Our Leadership Team

    Ardavan Javid

    Ardavan Javid

    Partner / Creative Director

    Ardavan Javid

    Kevin Javid

    Partner / Marketing Director

    Ardavan Javid

    Nona Djavid, DC

    Co-Founder + Ambassador

    Don’t let your image stand between you and your dream practice.

    Deed Harrison for MyChiroPractice

    Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

    MyChiroPractice understands our profession’s challenges. Their design and marketing has exceeded my expectations, and I’m confident they will do the same for you.

    Nona Djavid Chiropractor

    Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

    Building a million-dollar cash practice takes a lot of dedication, but I couldn’t have done it without MyChiroPractice’s branding and marketing help.

    Jason Miller Chiropractor Denver

    Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

    We couldn’t be happier with MyChiroPractice! Everyone compliments our website and branding, and our patient numbers just keep growing!

    Jason Miller, PostureWorks
    Tyler Meier Chiropractor

    Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

    The logo and banding have established me as an elite professional in my community. I credit MyChiroPractice to a large part of my success.

    Tyler Meier, Core Posture
    Justin Scott Chiropractor

    Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

    MyChiroPractice is one of the best investments I’ve made in my practice. They helped me polish my brand, and their innovative ideas have made marketing a breeze.

    Hailey Jules

    Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

    MyChiroPractice did a fantastic job creating exactly what I wanted. The high quality designs are clean, sharp, and unique. I highly recommend them!

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