Chiropractic facebook tipsChiropractors: 6 Ways to Stay Relevant on Facebook

Every now and then, Facebook tweaks its algorythm in order to weed out fake news, over aggressive sales people, and content that it deems irrelevant to page followers. Oh yeah, it’s also trying to appease its shareholders by limiting your reach so that you’ll be forced to buy ads and boost posts.

Despite all those facts, Facebook is still extremely important to your relevancy online. Below are a handful of ways you can put Facebook to work for you, and get the most interaction from your followers.

1. Community-Centric Posts
Posting research articles or tips on how to improve one’s posture are great, except people form a much stronger bond with a business or brand that puts community first. Try posting about the time you delivered $500 in toys to the local children’s hospital, or your favorite produce stand at the local farmer’s market, or how you’re helping rebuild a neighbor’s house after a natural disaster. Talk about local news, and be a strong and uniting advocate for issues that concern the community.

2. Videos by Owners
There is nothing more authentic or engaging than videos by the business owner talking directly to his or her followers. Aside from newbies familiarizing themselves with you and your passion, videos offer motion and sound that stand out on your followers’ newsfeeds. Whether you do a Facebook Live or a pre-recorded message, make sure to change up the subject and scenery each time. Surprise your rehab assistant with balloons and a cake for her birthday, have your spouse videotape you making a green juice in the morning, show off your new dog, or give tips on the 3 things one should do after an auto accident.

3. Engage With Followers
You know why some posts get stuck to the top of your newsfeed, while others disappear as soon as you post them? In one word… engagement. When you post a question, recommendation, video, or photo, make sure to use every tactic to get people to engage with it… comment on it, share it, and like it. Most of the time YOU have to get the conversation started. Encourage your spouse, your front desk, and your best patients to involve themselves into the mix by tagging them, or posing a question that they can comment on or answer.

4. Filler Content
Let’s face it… you’re a chiropractor, not a digital marketing person. You have an office to run, so you may not be able to post a video or start a conversation about a new farmers market the minute you get to work… so filler content ensures your business profile seems active every single day, even if you haven’t gotten around to it yet These include inspirational quotes, short funny videos, and educational graphics that companies such as MyChiroPractice create specifically for your practice.

5. Private Group
When patients and staff are part of a smaller, private group on Facebook, they tend to open up, engage, and contribute a lot more, versus if they were just a regular page follower. By “accepting” your followers into a private group, they feel that they are within your circle of trust, they feel a sense of camaraderie, and it goes on to create a tribe culture. Your posts, videos, and commentary will go a lot further, and in-turn, they will see the need to contribute and engage. Referrals go up, patients tend to follow through with care, and everybody wins.

6. Be Consistent
Building your practice on social media means you have to be consistent and relentless. If something isn’t working, change it up. If you only average one or two people watching your videos, don’t give up. Change the topic, change the scenery, and change the time of day you are posting. Take note on which posts get the most views and engagements, and see which ones are under performing. If you have to, invest a few hundred dollars a month to boost your posts at first, just to get the ball rolling. Those who’ve build their business on social media all have one thing in common: persistence.

If you need help with your social media filler content, or if you need consulting on digital marketing, please feel free to contact us and we’d be more than happy to help!