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Chiropractors: Attract New Patients with Dominant Google Search Placement and Google Ads.

1st page of Google guaranteed! - Chiropractic SEO for growth and success
  • 1st Page of Google Guaranteed
  • 25 to 250 First Page Key Phrases

  • 300+ Successful Chiropractors Served

* Numbers are based on 85 client campaigns in small to medium-size markets. In order to attain similar performance for your campaign, MyChiroPractice must design your website, conduct SEO services, Google AdWords services, blog writing services, and PR writing and distribution services for no less than 12 consecutive months. Results may vary.

The Proven Formula for Building Million-Dollar Chiropractic Businesses.

These 7 essential touch-points have helped over 300 chiropractors build dream practices, enjoy Google dominance, and 2x to 10x their collections.



The cornerstone of every successful business is a high profile brand that’s competitive, while congruent with your target market’s expectations.



Today’s potential patient looks at 25 websites before making a decision. So doesn’t it make sense to make yours the most attractive and marketable?



If you’re not on the first page Google, you may as well not be seen. 95% of searchers do not go beyond page 1, which means they may never see you.


Google Ads

Supplementing your organic SEO with powerful Google Ads is like pushing the “turbo” button, giving you exponential exposure alongside your organic link.


Press Releases

Consumers trust chiropractors who are the who’s who of the industry. Press releases help add credibility, trust, and a sense of “must have” to your campaign.


Social Media

Everyone has a social media account, so in order to grab more leads, it’s important to add social media ads to you digital marketing campaigns.


Email Marketing

Whether your existing patients or those who never panned out, aggressive email marketing can revive old patients or trigger new ones to contact you.

Ready to Grow Your Practice? Let’s Talk.

Before you spend another dollar on a gimmicky solution by a self proclaimed “guru” give us a call for an honest assessment.

Chiropractic Marketing, Branding, and Website Design Experts.

We are chiropractic patients turned chiropractic advocates! We live the chiropractic lifestyle and have made it our mission to help chiropractors spread their message through powerful websites, effective marketing, and trustworthy brands.


Logo Design

First step is to tighten up your image, and turn your practice into a “must have” with a custom, competitive, and marketable logo.


Website Design

Next, we’ll design a targeted, competitive, and powerful new website that’s designed to convert potential patients.


SEO & AdWords

Finally, we’ll perform SEO and run Google Ads geared to catapult you to the top, and get you dozens of leads each month.

Chiropractic Websites - Upper Cervical Center of Michigan
Chiropractic Websites -Newport Center Family Chiropractic
Chiropractic Websites -SoulScale Weight Loss
Chiropractic Websites - Ideal Spine Health Center
Chiropractic Websites -Divine Healing Chiropractic

Ready to Grab Your Share of New Patients?

Chiropractic Marketing Experts - Kevin Javid and Ardavan Javid of MyChiroPractice

20+ years of experience in elevating chiropractic brands, and helping chiropractors attract tons of quality new patients through our full-service digital marketing programs.

Ardavan + Kevin Javid
Co-Founders / Partners

Ardavan + Kevin Javid
Co-Founders / Partners

& Logos

Set yourself apart from the competition and become the go-to chiropractor with a well-strategized and designed custom logo and brand for your practice.


Compete more aggressively with a super robust, custom, mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and well-branded website that positively impacts potential patients.

Google Ads

Dominate Google search results and Google rankings for your geographic reach, and steadily expand your online footprint to attract more quality patients.

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You Have Seen Us
Ardavan Javid & Kevin Javid on CNBC The Profit

Just closed out our best month ever! And I mean by a lot… you guys rock.

Dr Tyler Meier, DC
Clinical Director / Owner
CorePosture Chiropractic in Newport Beach, CA

Digital Marketing for Chiropractors - Results for Core Posture Chiropractic in Newport Beach CA
Dr Tyler Meier - Core Posture in Newport Beach CA

Make your practice more competitive and attractive.

Chiropractic Logo
and Branding

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Grow your practice and experience industry dominance with an amazing brand, a custom professional website, and powerful digital marketing that will yield you dozens of quality leads each month. Contact us today to discuss next steps.

Your website’s first impression can make you or break you.

Chiropractic Website Design

Deed Harrison for MyChiroPractice

Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

MyChiroPractice understands our profession’s challenges. Their design and marketing has exceeded my expectations, and I’m confident they will do the same for you.

Nona Djavid Chiropractor

Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

Building a million-dollar cash practice takes a lot of dedication, but I couldn’t have done it without MyChiroPractice’s branding and marketing help.

Jason Miller Chiropractor Denver

Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

We couldn’t be happier with MyChiroPractice! Everyone compliments our website and branding, and our patient numbers just keep growing!

Jason Miller, PostureWorks
Tyler Meier Chiropractor

Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

The logo and banding have established me as an elite professional in my community. I credit MyChiroPractice to a large part of my success.

Tyler Meier, Core Posture
Justin Scott Chiropractor

Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

MyChiroPractice is one of the best investments I’ve made in my practice. They helped me polish my brand, and their innovative ideas have made marketing a breeze.

Hailey Jules

Best Rated Chiropractic Design Firm

MyChiroPractice did a fantastic job creating exactly what I wanted. The high quality designs are clean, sharp, and unique. I highly recommend them!

Artwork designed to make your office walls an experience.

Patient Education Posters and Tools

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ardavan Javid

Ardavan Javid

Partner / Creative Director

Ardavan Javid

Kevin Javid

Partner / Marketing Director

Ardavan Javid

Nona Djavid, DC

Co-Founder + Ambassador

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