Chiropractors: How to Improve Landing Page ExperienceChiropractors: How to Improve Landing Page Experience

Landing pages are important for any niche. As a chiropractor, they are often what provide your potential client with their first impression of your clinic. Thus, ensuring that your landing page provides an excellent user experience is critical for keeping them engaged and ready to sign up for your chiropractic services. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to improve landing page experience, this article is for you. Don’t know what a landing page is? Don’t worry- we’ll do a quick review first so that you understand the basics.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page designed for a marketing or advertising campaign. A well designed marketing campaign most often needs a landing page as the next step in the customer process (aka the steps that will get them to buy your product or schedule an appointment). This is true whether your marketing strategy involves email sequences, social media ads, Google ads, or a link within a blog article. A landing page is designed for a very specific purpose and action for the customer. When they arrive at your page, it should be very clear what their next steps are and what they will be getting from you or your chiropractic clinic if they do proceed (and why it benefits them). When designed well, a landing page can help boost your conversion rates of potential clients to paying customers.

When designing an automated marketing campaign, a landing page is an essential piece of building a funnel (an automated sequential marketing tool for turning potential clients into paying ones) that continually brings you new paying (and satisfied) clients. Without it, you may feel like you’re throwing money down the toilet each month trying to chase around potential customers that you can’t quite seem to get on board with their first chiropractic visit.

But wait, I have a home page. Why do I need a landing page?

If you’ve spent time and money building a beautiful home page, you may be wondering if you really need a funnel or landing page at all. While a home page is excellent for illustrating your brand, values, services, expertise, and more- there is a lot going on in one page. Thus, it’s easy for a potential chiropractic customer to get lost on your website and totally forget what they came there to do in the first place (like book an appointment). Alternatively, having a landing page designed specifically for getting a customer to buy one of your products or specifically sign up for a chiropractic consultation without all the extra “fluff” can significantly improve your conversions. Clients know exactly why they’re on that page and can easily get to the next step of the process. It’s exactly why funnels are such a trending marketing tool across all niches these days.

5 Tips for Boosting Your Landing Page Conversion

If you’re running an ad campaign and not getting the clients you were hoping for, it can be tempting to think about simply increasing your ad spend to reach more people. However, reaching more people doesn’t necessarily equate to more paying customers. That’s why focusing on funnel optimizing, particularly the landing page, can have a much bigger benefit than anything else. Here are 5 of the best tips to get you started with building a better landing page:

1. Be Very Clear on Your Niche Market

Some marketers are in it for the numbers, with the more leads the better (especially if they aren’t familiar with the chiropractic market like MyChiro Practice is). But what happens when those leads aren’t truly in your target niche? Well, that means empty useless (and costly) leads that probably aren’t going to find their way to your chiropractic office. In today’s market, targeting a customer that is simply interested in chiropractic treatment just doesn’t cut it. While you may get more potential leads when casting such a wide “customer net,” you’ll be quickly disappointed about how few of them actually convert to life-long customers (or even first time customers). On the other hand, when you dial in your niche (for example, women’s health, scoliosis, sports injury, auto accident care, etc.) you can get very clear on your messaging and targeting. This will of course mean a slower “trickle” of clients, but you can rest assured that they will be very high quality and consistent.

2. Test, Test, Repeat

There are a lot of moving parts on a landing page. You’d be surprised what elements of the page your customers may be more receptive to than others. For example, different tag lines, images, font styles, colors, and more can make them more receptive to your services. How do you figure this out? The answer is simple: with continual testing (known as split testing or A/B testing) and assessment of your numbers. Make sure you are only testing one detail at a time so that you can properly assess which one is better at converting. For example, you can do this by split testing your ad with 50% of your leads landing on the two different options. Analyze which one is doing better and then use it and move onto a new aspect. You’ll be surprised what you learn about what your audience likes!

3. Use Your Audience’s Language

While we’re talking about what your audience likes, it’s also important to talk to your potential customers in language they can relate to (aka language that they themselves use daily). How do you figure this out? Pay attention to the language your current customers use. Conduct phone calls, emails, surveys or anything else that helps you get a grasp of what your audience is saying. For a big bonus, ask your customers and potential clients about their biggest struggles related to their health and chiropractic care. This makes your services and offers feel very personal and makes them more likely to schedule that first appointment with your chiropractic clinic. There’s no better way to make your chiropractic clients feel heard.

4. Optimize Your Page for Mobile Use

It can be easy to get caught up in designing a beautiful perfect website on your 12 to 32 inch (or bigger) computer monitor. However, if you take a moment to assess your user trends via Google Analytics, you’ll most likely find that the majority of your users are using their mobile phones when looking at your website. Suddenly, that beautifully designed website doesn’t quite fit the bill or format correctly and leaves half of your brand or message out of the user’s first impressions (ouch). The bottom line is that you should always optimize your landing page for mobile use first and then expand from there.

5. Assess Your Page Loading Speed

We live in a world full of instant gratification, making those of us using our phones or computers constantly very impatient. Thus, if your page loading speed isn’t practically instant, you can expect users to get frustrated or bored and move on to something else (always chasing the next shiny object until they remember what they were looking for in the first place- a good chiropractor!). You can use analytics sites like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights to see where your landing page rates in the world of load speed. If it’s embarrassingly slow or you know it could be faster to prevent fewer bounces, you can get specific recommendations to follow from these websites as well.

Not feeling up for a DIY project? Outsource the entire optimization project to a marketing expert that knows landing pages like the back of their hand.

The Bottom Line for Landing Pages on Your Chiropractic Website

When conducting any type of marketing campaign, the results become a never ending loop. This loop can be a positive or negative one depending on how you have your funnel and landing page set up. When you are getting high quality leads that are happy with their user experience, search engines and social media platforms alike take notice and are more likely to send more viewers and clicks your way. When you focus on building a positive experience for your customers, you can expect to be rewarded with high quality leads that help elevate your business and keep money flowing in. Ultimately, having an optimized and well-functioning marketing campaign can make or break your business into today’s digital world.

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