Chiropractic Websites with the Best ConversionsChiropractic Websites with the Best Conversions: 9 Tips

Having a well designed website is becoming more and more essential in today’s competitive online space. This is no different for chiropractic websites. If a potential patient finds their way to your website, you want them to feel inclined to stick around and schedule an appointment. With some simple changes to your website, you can expect more traffic and better conversions from people that view your website to becoming actual clients.

Ready to get more patients? Let’s dive into how to optimize your chiropractic website.

9 Tips to Get More Traffic and Patients

You may know some of these tips. However, the real question is whether you or not you are actually following through with these simple web design tricks. It’s one thing to know about them, and another to actually incorporate them. Here are the best tips based on what’s working well for other top performing chiropractic websites.

#1. Keep an Active Blog

Blogging is an important part of remaining relevant to search engines like Google and Bing. When you consistently publish high quality content that your reader’s benefit from, Google will take notice and start to push your website up the rankings as you build authority. You are essentially building trust with both your audience and search engines at once when you focus on good blog content.

This is a core ideal at MyChiroPractice. We offer various chiropractic blogging packages depending on your budgets and needs. At a minimum, we recommend at least two new articles per month (ranging from 500-1500 words) on relevant chiropractic topics, such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, holistic care, and much more. Outsourcing blog articles to professional writers, like ours, that understand chiropractic treatments and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is an easy and affordable way to get more exposure on your website!

#2. Keep Your Website Running at a High Speed

You know when you’re trying to do some internet research and a website you clicked on just won’t load? It’s frustrating and usually leads to you quickly hitting the back button and finding a different website. Well, we of course don’t want this to happen on your website. Thus, knowing your site speed, including page load speed, is crucial. When your site speed is fast, it also improves your SEO too.

There are many website speed tools out there, most of them offering a free trial, that can assess your site speed. They can then give you a report so that you can see exactly what is slowing down your website. Common culprits include photo size, videos, and your WordPress theme. You can hire a site speed company, use plugins, or a website designer if you find your website is too slow.

#3. Choose Your Website Address Wisely

The best website URLs are concise and easy to remember. If you are on the hunt for a URL, don’t get distracted by the random alternative varieties that website hosting services will try to offer you. For example, if is not available, don’t choose a variation like It’s better to try other primary keywords that your customers will be able to remember and type in easily.

#4. Link All of Your Accounts

If someone is looking for a chiropractor, they will probably also want to browse their social media accounts as well (and vice versa). Having all your social media accounts and website interlinked to each other makes it easy for a potential patient to get a feel for your office dynamics, values, and treatment options. It will help them feel more comfortable with making a decision and taking the time to make a phone call to schedule an appointment.

#5. Keep Your Social Media Accounts Active

Just like an active blog keeps your authority online high, staying active on social media can help you establish trust with your audience. One simple way to stay active on social media is to share your blog articles directly on your social media pages as they’re published. From there, you can get creative with patient success stories, health tips, video demonstrations, and more. Keep it simple, consistent, and engaging.

Keeping an active social media account can be more time consuming than you think. You can hire a social media manager for a reasonable price that fits your budget. Additionally, you can use pre-designed social media templates to batch schedule beautiful posts and make the whole process significantly easier (for yourself or your manager).

#6. Have a Clear Call to Action

If someone arrives on your website, what you have to offer them and how to move forward should be clearly evident within a few seconds. With so many choices for a potential client, if they are at all confused by what you are offering they will quickly move on to the next option. Thus, make it easy for them to know if they should stick around. This includes having a clear message about your offerings and a distinct call to action. One of the most effective ways to get a potential patient to become an actual patient is to have a clear button to click. If they need to schedule an appointment online or call your office, this should be very explicitly stated. It may seem obvious to you, but don’t leave any question in your client’s mind.

When MyChiroPractice designs chiropractic websites, we very intentionally place clear buttons throughout each page to keep the client engaged and ready to take the next step: scheduling a consultation. We also make sure that a chiropractic clinic’s address and phone number are easy to find on any page. Additionally, if a client is looking at your website on their phone, they should be able to call you directly from your website with no middle steps!

#7. Double Check That Your Website Design is Mobile Friendly

More than half of your website visitors will be on their mobile phones. Unfortunately, your beautiful website on your desktop or laptop just might not cut it for a mobile phone. And we’ve all been on those websites that clearly aren’t designed for phones because the formatting is off and they are nearly impossible to navigate. The bottom line is simple. Make sure your website looks good on ALL mediums, especially mobile devices. This will significantly boost your potential client’s user experience and overall conversions.

#8. Have a System for Collecting Emails

Having an email list is a great way to stay engaged with your potential clients. You can build trust, keep them in the loop, and do special exclusive sales for your list when you need a boost in client and cash flow. Yet, first you need a way to actually gather those emails effectively. Don’t make a website user search everywhere to sign up for your email list or newsletter. There are many software options for seamlessly capturing client emails that can be integrated with your website and customer management service (CMS) for coordinating automated emails. Lastly, don’t forget to give your clients an incentive to give them your email, such as a discount code or free resource that would be of use to them.

#9. Always Analyze and Optimize

If you want to get more traffic and patients, you need to know what’s working and not working for your website. This is done by continually analyzing your website. One of the easiest ways to do this is with Google Analytics (plus it’s free to sign up for and use). This will provide invaluable information for your website. You will know which pages visitors are spending the most time on, where they’re bouncing, what articles are getting the most traffic and more. If you are using other forms of marketing, such as Facebook Ads, you should also have specific tracking tools like a Pixel to make sure you can effectively re-target those ads. Ultimately, keeping a pulse on your website will ensure you are doing everything you can to keep your patient generating systems running as smoothly as possible.

Take It One Step at at Time

These basic tips can help significantly elevate your online game. While they are all simple in nature, trying to make all 9 changes at once can feel overwhelming. So we encourage you to start making changes one small step at a time. Changing one thing at a time is also valuable in helping you understand what changes are having the most impact on your business and numbers.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed at the thought of managing your own website design, blog, social media, and more on your own- we are here to help. MyChiroPractice is specialized in optimal web design, complete blog management, and more. We are here to elevate your bottom line and allow you more time to do what you love: working with clients to live their best and healthiest lives. Schedule a time to chat with us today to see how we can help build your online presence with ease.