Chiropractic BrandingChiropractic Branding: Does Image Really Matter?

With 5,000 potential chiropractic patients surveyed from February 8, 2010 up until July 28, 2014 – an overwhelming majority (94%) say they will most likely pick a medical doctor over a chiropractor as their primary go-to for health care.

While most of those surveyed say they understand the general premiss behind chiropractic, they feel more “comfortable” with a medical doctor because they LOOK more trustworthy, more reliable, and more advanced. Notice how visual people are? Do you think chiropractic branding, image, websites, office decor, and attire matter now?

It comes back to a quote by one of our focus group participants last year, when she said “how can a profession that saves lives, be content with such a meager image?” To which we had no real explanation.

The general public trusts, values, and buys with their eyes. While they claim they are not shallow, their instinct – based on what they see – tells them to go with the doctor who looks the part, even if the chiropractor is a much better choice.

Your $39 cookie-cutter websites are turning off potential patients to chiropractic. Your $99 logos are painting you as a fly-by-night gimmicky profession. Your $19 adjustment car wraps are devaluing what DD and BJ Palmer set out to do over a century ago.

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

What if your poverty mentality was feeding directly into the medical establishment’s mission to undermine chiropractic? What if your $39 cookie-cutter website and $99 template logo / branding mindset are EXACTLY what the medical establishment was hoping you’d brand yourself with?