Branding a Website That Stands Out for Chiropractors

Branding a Website Out for Chiropractors

Chiropractic care is one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S. secondary to a rising interest in complementary and holistic medical treatment among practitioners and patients alike. As a chiropractic clinic, how you differentiate yourself from your local competition can significantly elevate your ability to attract and keep the right clients. These days, marketing yourself has a lot to do with your online presence and ability to build a brand. Designing your chiropractic brand is all about creating an online identity that your customer can relate to and trust. Ultimately, putting effort into building a brand translates to a bustling successful business model for your clinic.

Today, we will dive into the basics of branding a website, plus website tips for getting started. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Yet, it can be a powerful way to scale your business and bring in the customers and cash flow that your clinic needs to thrive.

What is a brand?

Your brand design is the identity you choose to show to the world. This can be both in your physical clinic and in your online presence via your website, social media, and more. Typically, your website is a potential customer’s very first impression of you when they start looking for a chiropractor. Thus, you obviously want to choose a design and brand that correlates well with what you have to offer them. It should be a true representation of who you are. Additionally, if you can illustrate the transformative journey your clients will take (aka- what can they expect and what’s in it for them?) it can help them feel motivated to take that first step and schedule an appointment.

Below are some interesting stats to keep in mind when you start to wonder if it’s worth investing in a good website design and overall brand or theme.

  • Nowadays, more than 80% of your clients will check you out online first before ever calling or scheduling- they want to see what you’re about, read reviews, etc.
  • In a world of choices, many people use website design as the first determining factor in choosing a service- if the design or brand seems off (a lack of authenticity or trust) they will see what other options are out there
  • People form opinions about your website and services in approximately .05 seconds!
  • Most people admit that a poorly designed website with no attempt at building a strong brand will ultimately lead to them to looking elsewhere before you can say “click here”
  • Top research shows that having a consistent brand across online platforms can increase revenue by over 20%- some reports show an increase in revenue as high as 34%
  • Over 70% of the best brand names are acronyms or made up words

If you want help building a high quality website that converts well and adequately demonstrates your unique brand and message, consider MyChiroPractice. We specialize in chiropractic branding and website design. It’s what we do all day everyday to help chiropractic clinics take their marketing efforts and connection with potential clients to the next level.

The benefits of the right branding

There are two primary benefits that the right branding can provide. First, it helps you build your authority and online presence. If you are the best at what you do or provide unique treatment protocols or programs, you want to make sure that is very clear. Unfortunately, an amateur website or mismatched branding can be a problem for your website and clinic. Even for a visitor that knows nothing about brands, their subconscious will immediately become leary of anything that doesn’t match or fit the promises being made.

Secondly, a good brand helps you stand out from your competitors. Ultimately, you want to avoid being the next bland general professional with a boring cookie cutter website and message. When done right, it should be clear who will benefit from your services within a second. This is what will give a visitor the incentive to get in touch with you as soon as possible to improve their quality of life and stop missing out on the amazing care that you can provide.

What Goes Into Designing a Chiropractic Brand

Before we get into more specific details of branding, let’s do a quick review of what goes into branding a website.

  • Choose a signature logo
  • Select a relevant color scheme
  • Find high quality images and illustrations
  • Choose a professional layout that is easy to navigate
  • Come up with taglines and copywriting language that speaks to your audience
  • Write blog posts to keep your website relevant and interesting to readers
  • Write clear and compelling website copy
  • Build a strong overall brand story

How to Use Branding to Your Advantage

Now that you understand the basics and why branding is important, it’s time to review how you can dial in your brand to your advantage. These website tips will help you stand out in a sea of chiropractors.

#1. Know your unique angle.

Demonstrating your unique niche, specialities, and what you represent are important. You want to cater your website to your ideal client and make sure they recognize that you are what they need immediately. This means you need to choose the right descriptive words in your website language that gets to the point and illustrates what you offer in a few key words or phrases. It can be tempting to try to cater to a larger audience, but you will find your marketing and brand is much more effective when you zero in on your ideal client or avatar.

#2. Choose a logo.

Coming up with a logo can feel daunting. It can be easy to get wrapped up in being too literal with a logo. Keep in mind that some of the top brands out there simply use the name of their business. Additionally, symbols can be fun but don’t have to be complicated or overly obvious. It can help to think of some of your favorite successful brands and what type of logos they use. Ultimately, they should capture the spirit of your clinic. For help and creativity, you can get guidance from a variety of options such as freelancing companies, website design companies (like MyChiroPractice), and more.

#3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is a popular saying for a reason. As humans, we tend to make decisions primarily based on emotions. When you choose the right photos that convey the emotions you want your potential client to feel, this can be a game changer for getting them to choose you as a chiropractic provider. Think of what emotions and decisions you want to elicit and find the best possible photos. This can be sourced from stock websites (as a subscription or a price per photo), past patients (with their permission), or you can even hire a professional photographer.

#4. Go for simple and classic.

A website design doesn’t need to be complicated and flashy to attract the right clients. It’s significantly more important to make it obvious as to what a client’s next potential next step is, what you can offer them and more. With the right message, it will speak for itself. Don’t shoot to overwhelm, but rather provide clarity on what they can expect.

#5. Make it look good across all devices.

A common amateur mistake is to create a website that looks beautiful on a desktop while not paying attention to how the design looks on other devices like tablets and phones. These days, most people (up to 90%!) will probably conduct their research on their phones when shopping around- even for chiropractors. Sadly, desktop formatting can look terrible on a mobile phone and lead to a lot of unintentional website bounces. Thus, it’s important to adjust the design for each mode of technology so that you don’t lose clients due to poor design and branding.

#6. Have a good marketing strategy in place.

Once you have your brand figured out and you’re happy with your website, it’s important to have a good strategy in place for actually getting your website seen. After all, what’s the point of a beautiful website and branding if people can’t actually find your website- right? Strategies such as blogging and search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and paid advertising will help you find your audience. Lucky for you, these are all services that MyChiroPractice can offer to help you gain the traction you need for finding your clients online. That way you can focus on providing excellent care to your patient’s while we find you your next potential clients.

A Good Brand Equals a Successful Business

With a strong brand in place, you are building a sustainable future and steady flow of paying happy customers. In today’s world, you simply can’t scale your business without tapping into the potential of an online presence. There’s really no better way to get a potential client to choose your clinic over theirs! It’s definitely worth the investment.