Open Letter to ChiropractorsAn Open Letter from a Chiropractic Patient to Chiropractors

Dear Chiropractors,

I write you as a chiropractic patient, turned chiropractic advocate; someone who gave up working on lucrative Fortune500® marketing projects, to help chiropractors elevate their image – and in turn – help millions of non-believers turn to chiropractic care to seek life-changing help.

As you are well aware, more than 96% of the people in the United States do NOT believe or trust in your profession whatsoever. Chiropractors have taken a backseat to medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and acupuncturists when it comes to peoples’ confidence and trust in who is better suited to help them with their neck pain, back pain, and headaches. Incidentally, massage therapists are a close 6th, looking to overtake your 5th spot.

Ask yourself this question – why is it that almost 100% of people think of dentists when they experience toothaches? Or why is it that close to 90% think of optometrists when they experience vision problems? But why do only 20% of people with back or neck pain think of chiropractic – and from that – only a small fraction actually visit a chiropractor?

Did you know 37% of people believe in UFO’s, and only 4% in chiropractic?

Some may say its the “system” that’s keeping chiropractic down. Maybe. Some point the finger at other chiropractors who are diluting the chiropractic focus; while others believe its the salesy approach that turns off potential patients. While those may all be true, we can all agree that the chiropractic image is in a desperate need for a facelift, to help put behind some of the less-than-flattering stereotypical imagery that has kept chiropractic from blossoming into a new fad.

In a world of multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical ad campaigns, and multi-million dollar hospital and medical center marketing budgets, the chiropractic message is being drowned out more than ever before. And what do chiropractors do to combat this? Sadly, they sign up in droves for $39 cookie-cutter websites, $49 do-it-yourself social media gimmicks, and $99 template logos that do absolutely nothing to build up the profession’s image; as a matter of fact, they do the exact opposite.

If you ever watch a home improvement show, a restaurant makeover show, a car restoration show, a bar makeover show, or even a hotel makeover show, you will realize that the first order of business is to improve its image; out with the old rusty motif, and in with the new one. The show hires professional designers, expert restorers, experienced builders, world-class chefs, and talented experts to create a new vibe, a new look, and a renewed sense of passion and value.

Think about it… web “design” or “branding” companies that can offer you dirt-cheap, template / cookie-cutter websites, logos, or marketing material care about QUANTITY versus QUALITY. They care about shareholders and revenues, versus the chiropractic profession. They love the McDonald’s model, and hate the boutique $10 burger joints. What’s worst? These are the same companies that unethically resell the SAME chiropractic template designs to veterinarians, lawyers, dentists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists.

Do you really think people buy your “we are unique and different” pitch? Or your “we save lives” claim, when nothing about your image portrays cutting-edge, unique, trust, or value?

Here’s the kicker… from among 5,000 potential chiropractic patients that MyChiroPractice has surveyed over the past four years, 94% say that “gimmicky”, “cookie-cutter”, and “cheap” brands, logos, office decors, websites, attire, and marketing material actually BREAKS their trust, and DEVALUES the chiropractic profession in their subconscious minds.

So do you think image is important now?

Everyone makes subconscious judgements, and those who say they’ve never judged a book by its cover are obviously lying. We all assume someone driving a $100,000 Mercedes is successful. We all assume a motel in a rundown area of town must be crawling with drug dealers and whores. We all assume a marble-laced law office with a cappuccino machine must belong to the best lawyer money can buy. And we assume a white coat means the person wearing it is smarter than you are.

You can’t build a million-dollar practice on a minimum-wage mentality.

Invest in yourself, and the world will take a second look at your profession.

Ardavan Javid
Co-Founder and Chiropractic Patient
MyChiroPractice, inc.