Chiropractic Marketing Will Make or Break Your Practice

Chiropractic Marketing Can Make or Break Your Practice—Here’s How

Chiropractic marketing is a little-understood form of marketing that is commonly overlooked in favor of word-of-mouth advertising, or social media marketing. While word of mouth advertising and social media marketing both have their place, chiropractic advertising and chiropractic web design is a very specific niche that requires customized strategies, preparation, and attention. The chiropractic industry is competitive and highly targeted—individuals suffering with chiropractic-treatable conditions are already the target group of hundreds of other services and products, ranging from traditional medical solutions like surgery and pain medication to insoles, posture trainers, rollers, and electric massagers. If you want to effectively get more patients as a chiropractor, it’s going to require some essential chiropractic marketing. If you choose not to work with chiropractic marketing companies that specialize in optimizing your marketing strategy, here are some essential things to consider with the knowledge that chiropractic marketing can make or break your practice.

Your Website is Your Virtual Office

You would never ask a potential patient into an office that wasn’t receiving regular upkeep, isn’t organized and clean, or doesn’t appear inviting and up-to-date. Likewise, a website is a critical part of your chiropractic funnel, and one look at it from a potential patient can determine whether or not that individual ever makes it into your brick-and-mortar office walls.

Your website is an essential part of your chiropractic marketing strategy—all other tools, including chiropractic Google Ads, chiropractic Facebook Ads, and chiropractic social media marketing, point back to your website.

Your website is the place where your intended market decides whether or not to trust you. If your website is overly cluttered (or too simple), stuffed with information (or lacking value), or worse, doesn’t exist at all, your potential patients will immediately question your authority, moving on to another chiropractor, product, or service that has established its digital presence well.

Websites that are obviously constructed from cookie-cutter templates, don’t respond to the correct psychological cues, or fail to provide clear calls-to-action will leave your potential patient feeling doubtful and confused at best, or at worst, moving on to another business.

Just as you strive to create an inviting and functional environment in your physical office, your website should be equally (or even more) inviting and functional.

Your Website Design Matters

Just as your office design and overall appearance and aesthetic matters, your website design matters, too. Discard the concept of slapping a free chiropractic marketing template on your website, or a free chiropractic logo—your website design clearly reflects the amount of effort and value that has been invested in it, and your patients will always sense it.

Ideally, a website should have a consistent flow and appearance, with some appropriately placed and very visible calls-to-action. Oftentimes, there is confusion about the ideal balance between providing too much information or not enough, which can leave customers unsure of what steps to take next. Optimally, your website should provide a blend of value (informative blogs, insight about various conditions, and descriptions of your services and staff) and practical information—address, contact information, and what to expect at their first appointment.

Testimonials and social proof are fantastic ways to maximize the user’s experience, displaying that you have credibility and experience in your field. Potential patients look for stories that mirror the conditions and challenges they may be facing, so be vigilant about collecting success stories in your office and when appropriate, asking for testimonials from patients who have experienced benefits and healing from their chiropractic treatment.

At MyChiroPractice, we ensure that your website design is completely unique, customized to your brand, logo, and overall speciality. Our design style is time-tested and backed by over two decades of research, including data collected from intensive focus-groups revealing the psychology of optimal design, logo placement, and branding.

Your Brand Leaves an Impression

Whether you strive to adhere to top tier chiropractic branding strategies, or prefer to use a piecemeal approach, your brand will leave an impression on your patients and potential patients.

If you’re wondering how to attract the ideal patient—a responsible, health-conscious individual devoted to furthering their health and well-being—it’s important that your brand be a match to this type of individual. Piecemeal branding that involves a logo, web design, and imagery that is sporadically and separately created and compiled will leave patients with the impression that your service is the same way.

It’s important that your brand is curated to reflect your speciality, the quality of your services, and your expertise. At MyChiroPractice, we focus on delivering high quality chiropractic branding strategies and customized brands that are catered specifically to your business and your ideal patient market.

SEO, Google Adwords, and New Patient Marketing

Chiropractic new patient marketing is a complex and ever-evolving process. As you continue to grow your patient-base, the process of search engine optimization (SEO) continues to change. SEO is a critical part of building your platform to ensure that your website is found when it is searched on popular search engines like Google. SEO requirements adjust as you build your reach, and depending on the age and target-market of your website, optimal SEO may be different for every platform.

A combination of SEO and Google Adwords is a great place to start for chiropractic new patient marketing. Blogs, carefully worded and designed individual pages, and a series of advanced SEO analytic reports are important components to ensuring that your website gains traction in the search engine optimization process.

At MyChiropractic, we specialize in search engine optimization that is specific to every chiropractor, honing in on their treatment forte, unique services, and equally important, the search terms most commonly addressed in their local area.

Chiropractic marketing companies do the work for you.

Many chiropractors decide to take on their own marketing, branding, logo design, content creation, and SEO strategy before realizing that it is a significant time investment which requires extensive know-how, creativity, and devoted energy.

At MyChiroPractice, we do the work for you—it’s our speciality.

We find that building a million dollar plus practice is best done when all of the experts involved are allowed to do what they do best. We take pride in being leaders in the chiropractic marketing industry, delivering the highest quality of chiropractic branding, chiropractic web design, and chiropractic advertising available.

If you’re ready to “make” your chiropractic practice with the help of advanced chiropractic marketing, set up an appointment to chat with us today.