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Top 4 reasons why you should avoid template logos.

1. Cookie-Cutter
Template chiropractic logos – especially those purchased through a design-farm / crowd-sourcing – all start from one master logo; most probably purchased off of a clip-art website and reused over and over again for chiropractors everywhere. In one instance, the same logo was used over 1,108 times!
2. No Branding Potential
Logos purchased from design-farms by those looking to make a quick buck, lack almost all the branding guidelines necessary to grown the brand. There is no research, no collaboration, no well-throughout direction, and it reflects none of your practices’s values or culture.
3. Copyright Infringement
Can you copyright or register trademark a cookie-cutter / template logo as your own? ABSOLUTELY NOT. As a matter of fact, hundreds of small business owners who use crowd-sourced designs as part of their logos, brands, marketing material, or websites have been on the losing end of lawsuits and cease and desist letters. The United States Patent and Trademark Office expresses that those who infringe on copyright can owe on average $175,000 to the rightful copyright owner, plus damages and legal fees.
4. Devaluing Your Profession
Anytime you cut corners – especially in today’s brand-savvy world – you are opening up your profession and practice to ridicule. A strong majority of those polled in our focus group sessions said that they distrust, devalue, and question the professionalism of a chiropractor if their brand looks home-made, cheap, or cookie-cutter.