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McDonald’s proudly admits that they have served one hundred billion burgers since their inception; of course we all know that mass production of certain products or services work in some industries, and fails miserably in others.

Quantity Means Diminished Quality – Guaranteed

When it comes to branding, web design, and marketing, the last thing you want to do is look like your competition. After all, you are trying to distinguish yourself as better and different than the rest, so looking exactly like the people you are trying to distance yourself from, is counter productive.

The three major chiropractic website “design” companies (we have to put it in quotes, because using the same cookie-cutter template doesn’t constitute design) admit that they have sold 2,300+, 8,700+, and 12,000+ website templates to chiropractors. As a matter of fact, one of those companies is now selling the same chiropractic website template to veterinarians and dentists – all at your expense.

The choice is yours. You can turn your dream practice into reality, or you can make someone else’s cookie-cutter template website company profitable.