MyChiroPractice Chiropractic Branding

If the chiropractic profession wants to raise above all else, wouldn’t it make sense to start with the most obvious one – your perception and image?

As part of our latest focus group research study we conducted, we asked 2,145 potential chiropractic patients one simple yet powerful question – “Is chiropractic your first option in healthcare? Why?”

The next day over 60% had sent in their answers, and by the end of the week we had received replies from 1,987 participants. The strong majority (94.8%) answered “NO”, but it is the rest of their answers which raises the same concern that us as brand designers have been voicing all along.

“They don’t look legitimate”. “I didn’t know chiropractors are doctors”. “I want the best care, so I would have to go with my MD because he knows what he is doing.” And my personal favorite, “My MD looks legitimate; my chiropractor… not really!”

62 participants even expressed frustration and disappointment in chiropractors, asking why such a great profession hasn’t raised up to the expectation of today’s web and brand savvy patients. More specifically, why chiropractors “leave their image in the hands of ‘cookie-cutter’ website companies”, “cheap overseas crowd-source designers”, or “lame home-made attempts at marketing”.

“What if chiropractic cleaned up it’s image” we asked those 62 people; “would you consider your chiropractor to be your first option in healthcare?” An incredible 47 said “most probably”.

The only remedy to this problem of perception therefore, is a conscious and systematic movement AWAY from what has tarnished the profession for the past decade; cookie-cutter websites and cheap crowd-sourced logo companies who care less about the public’s perception regarding the very industry they claim to be experts in.

At MyChiroPractice, our goal is far greater than adding client names to a list on our website for the sake of satisfying shareholders. We strive to change the chiropractic profession by elevating its image to where it belongs, through custom, researched, and professional branding.