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Success Stories

The chiropractic profession needs a marketing and branding firm that understands our challenges, services, as well as unique style of practice. I chose MyChiroPractice to create the brand, website, and marketing for the Ideal Spine Health Center - the largest corrective chiropractic facility in the United States, as well as the CBP Technique website and marketing material. They have exceeded my needs as the CBP Technique leader and practitioner, and I'm confident they will do the same for you.
Dr. Deed Harrison
We couldn't be happier with MyChiroPractice! Everyone compliments our website and branding, and our patient numbers just keep growing!
Dr. Jason Miller
Clinical Director / PostureWorks
My dream practice could't have come into focus without the help of MyChiroPractice. From the great logo, to our office decor, and soon the website, no cookie-cutter, template design company could EVER come close to what MyChiroPractice is capable of!
Jonathan Murray
Owner / Arizona Chiropractic
When it comes to technology, I'm like an 80 year old man! I'm always behind the curve, the last one to get the latest gadget. With MyChiroPractice, I feel like I'm ahead of the game!! Their professional design is not like any I have seen. They take the time to get to know you and build a website around your personality. This makes your website authentic so when new clients come in they already feel like they know you. The design is clean, straightforward and easy to navigate. New patients don't have to get bogged down in all the mumbo jumbo that they really aren't interested in. Most importantly it is unique...just like me! Why have the same website everyone else has? I have never received so many compliments on my website!! Thanks MyChiroPractice!
Dr. Karri Cardinal
Clinical Director / Cardinal Chiropractic
MyChiroPractice is one of the best investments I have made in my practice. They helped me polish my brand and they have innovative ideas that make marketing a breeze. The artwork they post on our Facebook page is high quality, unique and generates a lot of buzz with patients. There is nothing cookie cutter about our logo, website, social media or brand. If you want to stand out from the competition, I would highly recommend them!
Dr. Justin Scott
Clinical Director / StrongLife Chiropractic
I searched and found MyChiroPractice because I was frustrated and unhappy with my brand and image. My brand was always average, but I wanted it to be OUTSTANDING! Ardavan and his team are hands down the best. I've spent thousands of dollars on trying to find the right fit for me, and finally I found MyChiroPractice. They have a "measure twice cut once mindset"; their websites, logos, marketing material, and social media are insanely principled, high tech, and high value. That is EXACTLY what I want for my name, for my practice, and for chiropractic. They have the art, science, and philosophy down. I have been a client for over a year now, and the character they have shown, the time they have spent with me via phone and email, and the education/leadership I have received from them is like no other. I NEVER worry about consistency, imagery, professionalism, or follow through on project timelines; that in itself is priceless!
Dr. Zev Mellman
Clinical Director / Dr. Mellman DC