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Wellness Choice

As one of the co-founders of MyChiroPractice, Dr. Nona Djavid still needed an exceptional brand for her Newport Beach, CA chiropractic office. Her vision for her office was one of sophistication and elegance, and a target market of mostly women and families.


The Result

After countless hours of target market research, competitive analysis, and focus group studies, the one logo that appealed to Wellness Choice’s ideal patient was chosen. The logo symbolizes a whole body approach to wellness, while staying simple and elegant. As a matter of fact, dozens of patients have asked if Wellness Choice has multiple locations in other affluent areas of the country, including Manhattan, San Francisco, and Miami – simply because of the brand and image that we have created for it.

Newport Beach Chiropractor

Wellness Choice | Newport Beach, CA

Wellness Choice

For more information regarding Wellness Choice in Newport Beach, CA, please visit their website by clicking below.

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