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Evergreen Chiropractic

Thankfully, Evergreen Chiropractic understood how important first impressions really are. Their office is located in the outskirts of Portland Oregon, among tall evergreens and mom and pop bed and breakfasts. So this logo was ideal for them.

Evergreen Chiropractic Logos

The Result

The “green” in Evergreen had to be emphasized with this logo, whether through a font or a distinct mark. MyChiroPractice came up with a palette of fonts and colors, then started designing the logo – rather unconventional in the process of branding. The client was pleased with all designs and the staff each picked a favorite. So MyChiroPractice was asked to run an e-focus group to determine the best logo for the practice.

Evergreen Chiropractic

Evergreen Chiropractic | Portland, OR

Evergreen Chiropractic

The website for Evergreen Chiropractic is currently under development. Please check back soon!

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