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Arizona Chiropractic

Arizona Chiropractic founder Dr. Shelly wanted to show Arizonians just how cutting-edge chiropractic can be. The first order of business? Create an image that portrays dependability, strength, modernism, and of course, cutting-edge.


The Result

Working with Arizona Chiropractic, MyChiroPractice soon learned that Dr. Shelly is a passionate individual, who is angry that more than 90% of the population doesn’t find chiropractic to be “legitimate”. “Cheap logo companies and template websites have done enough damage to our reputation” she said. So MyChiroPractice put its best foot forward and came up with some progressive logos for Dr. Shelly to choose from. She loved them all, but settled on the one that mesmerized her the most.


Arizona Chiropractic | Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Chiropractic

The website for Arizona Chiropractic is currently under development. Please check back soon!

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