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Our Why

Because chiropractic deserves a whole lot better than cookie-cutter websites and template logos.

Chiropractic Branding and Logo Design | MyChiroPractice, Inc.If you ask 10 people their opinion of chiropractors, 9 of them have something negative or questionable to say about them; even though 8 of those people have never been treated by a chiropractor.

They have, however, driven or walked by a chiropractor’s office, seen a chiropractor’s website, been handed a chiropractor’s business card, or received a chiropractor’s postcard in the mail. So is it fair to judge a profession without even being treated by a chiropractor? Is it fair to judge a book solely by it’s cover?

If image portrays trust, dependability, cutting-edge, and value, why are so many chiropractors settling for keeping their outdated office decors? Renewing their cookie-cutter website contracts? Choosing uninspired template clip-art logos?

Through focus group studies of over 4,800 potential chiropractic patients to date, we found out that an overwhelming majority of people don’t trust, nor value chiropractors because of their cheap and cookie-cutter image. As a matter of fact, most don’t realize chiropractors are doctors, because they don’t look the part.

Is this unfair? You tell me.

One wouldn’t go into a ritzy Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office and question the cost, technique or authority of the doctor, because the marble floors, Armani suit, and square looking business cards communicate the doctor’s success, value, and abilities in 2.3 seconds. Unfortunately, you can’t blame patients – even potential patients – for judging your profession or practice, because as human beings we will judge a book by it’s cover; whether it’s fair or not.

Having worked in the design industry since 1997, and having created or managed successful brands for the likes of Starbucks, FOX Sports, NBC, Konica Minolta, and the Audi, we saw first hand how image can transform ordinary people into passionate consumers. Even mom and pop pizza shops, one-woman jewelry designers, and family dentistries have benefited from our branding, logo design, and web design ideas that have transformed their dreams into reality.

Our purpose and passion therefore is to do the same for chiropractors. We want to elevate the image of chiropractic and create exquisite chiropractic brands, websites, and marketing strategies that eliminate any negative subconscious barriers from the minds of the general public. We want to bring value, trust, professionalism, and a higher set of standards to the profession.


Chiropractic Web Design and Branding

Our Mission

We are a team of successful and passionate entrepreneurs, chiropractors, brand visionaries, and marketing professionals with the ideas, experience, and resources to help you take your chiropractic dreams to the next level. Our unique one-stop solution allows us to build your practice from the ground up – from office setup, branding, and marketing, to ongoing consultation, and design support.

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