Chiropractic Websites: Why Image Makes All the DifferenceMyChiroPractice, Inc. Chiropractic Websites: Why Image Makes All the Difference
April 15, 2014

Chiropractic Websites: Why Image Makes All the Difference

If you tell everyone that you are unique and different, why does your practice's logo and website look exactly like everyone else's?

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If you want potential patients to look at chiropractic in a different light, maybe you should consider changing your light bulb.

Cookie-cutter and template websites became very popular in 2008 when the economy tanked, and business owners decided to dramatically cut costs, or start a new venture with as little investment as possible. These uninspired templates were meant to act as a temporary placeholder until a branded and effective custom website took its place.

Unfortunately, most business owners – including chiropractors – became complacent with the statuesque, and paying $59 a month for leasing the same template as 20,000 other chiropractors somehow became okay.

One must wonder, if chiropractors are okay with $59 websites and being just like everyone else, why do they tout themselves as the “best” profession, or try to convince patients that they are unique and different? Why do chiropractors get upset when patients don’t see their value, or end up dumping them for a do-it-yourself traction unit they can buy from the pharmacy?

No one really questions cardiologists or plastic surgeons on their fees, because their marble laced floors and silver foiled business cards do the selling for them. No one questions paying $48 for a steak at Maestro’s Steakhouse because the valet attendant and Maitre D’ are wearing $25 white gloves. No one questions boutique hotels on their $500 per night room rate, because their elegant logo appears in gold behind the front desk. And no one questions overpaying for a 14 kart bracelet, because it comes in a turquoise box, from a store that is guarded by two men in Armani suits.

But potential chiropractic patients – even those who believe in chiropractic, question everything you do. They question the technique, the price, and even the treatment plan. You find yourself being a convincing salesman and wellness coach, more than a chiropractor.

Why? Because you chose to devalue your profession’s image out of sheer selfishness. Your mediocrity mentality, your complacency, and your choice to represent yourself on a $59 a month budget is turning a whole bunch of potential patients off to the great chiropractic profession.

You can’t change the face of chiropractic with a $59 website, nor can you convince the world you are the best, if your entire brand is based on the the cheapest solution you could find.