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January 14, 2015

Chiropractic Practice Tips | Answering Your Online Inquiries

Snatch your warm leads, before they become someone else's patients!

Chiropractic Practice Tip | How Soon Should You Call Your Potential Patients Back?

Most chiropractic offices we deal with, wait anywhere between an hour and 24 hours to respond to their online patient inquiries. The problem is, most of those “warm leads” turn cold rather quickly.

While this wasn’t an issue a few years ago, today’s instant-gratification-minded potential patient wants to make an appointment, or have their question answered right away.

If they don’t hear from you or your front desk within a few minutes, they’ll go down Google’s list of search results and find a chiropractor who’s willing to work with their demanding timeline.

It’s not an act of desperation to call or email a potential patient back within 5 minutes of receiving their online request; after all, your practice isn’t a high school dating scene – so you shouldn’t be playing waiting games by acting busy.

When calling potential patients back, make sure to let them know that you have successfully treated hundreds of people with the same exact problem that they are experiencing. Then quickly schedule them for a visit – “we can see you as early as Thursday morning at 10am”. The worst thing you can do is defer the scheduling to someone else, or to a later time by telling them “we’ve got limited hours this week because of the holidays, so I tell you what… either myself or someone from our office will call you on Monday to see what works.”

Imagine if you had a toothache, and your dentist wasn’t making your problem their priority.

Win them over with your responsiveness, and tie them into an appointment. That’s good business.